A tribe called VEED: How our bootstrapped startup became the global scale-up to join in 2022

Code’s Not a Competition (Which is Why We’re Winning)

Pairing up with Stan
Cross continental virtual tours now given free of charge. 👩‍💻🌎👨‍💻
Coding with VEED’s female engineers and London’s best IPAs
Brewing quality code with Josy and Sandy in London

Greater together than the sum of our parts

Getting sorted into our coding ‘house’
I identify with the house that kicks down the door. 😂

Carving a Slice of that (Product) Pie

recorder redesign comparison
Big changes from the initial recorder redesign
VEED Open house graffiti class
Painting the town VEED during the October open house

Psychological Safety and Emotional Fearlessness

If the table moves, move with it fortune cookie
Grogu knows best.

A Tribe Called VEED

Meeting up in Miami
The tribe takes Miami



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